Frequently asked questions about non-alcoholic, alcohol free wines, and de-alcoholised wines.

How is the alcohol removed?2019-11-19T12:09:27+02:00

With a spinning cone technique – watch here

What’s the difference between alcohol-free and non-alcoholic?2021-02-11T09:02:26+02:00

Alcohol-free sparkling wines have 0.0% alcohol – 100% of the alcohol is removed from the wine.

Non-alcoholic sparkling wines contain less than 0.5% alcohol.

Does it taste like wine?2021-02-11T09:02:11+02:00

It tastes almost just like sparkling wine.

Who can sell it?2019-11-19T12:11:15+02:00

Anyone! No liquor license is needed. You can sell it at forecourts, farm stalls and corner shops. Supermarkets and coffee shops with no liquor license can sell it too.

How long can it last?2019-11-19T12:11:36+02:00

12-18 months

Is Absolute Zero Vegan?2021-02-11T10:56:39+02:00

Absolute Zero is Vegan.

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